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psykohamster's Journal

little one
24 October 1985
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'92 explorer, 3 feet short, 80's music, adam, afi, aftershock, airsoft, alkaline trio, allnighters, ataris, attempts to fly, blankets, bloodhound gang, bon jovi, brave little toaster, bridge jumping, bryan adams, camaros, cars, clerks, climbing, concerts, cranberry bogs, dandelions, dashboard confessional, days off from work, ddr, def leppard, disturbed, doom, down for the count, downset, dr. pepper, driving, ducks, electric guitar, eve6, falco, fortune cookies, friends, frogs, fuck me bracelets, ganj, going to shows, goldschlager, gone in sixty seconds, good charlotte, good people, greenday, guns n' roses, hamsters, herring run, hizouse, hot chocolate, incense, indiscretion, iron maiden, jeff, joe dirt, jupiter teardrops, keggers, kurt, led zeppelin, linkin park, lost prophets, making out, marshmallow pies, meeting new people, metal, metallica, moe, monty's fan club, moxie, mudslides, mushrooms, music, mxpx, my skateboard, nanners, nintendo, nowhere kids, off-roading, old youth group, opm, owen, pacman, peanut butter, photography, poison, pumpkin, punk, queensryche, rancid, random road trips, rat hole, reliant k, riddlin kids, roasting tire, rob zombie, rubber band guns, sandboarding, sex, simple plan, ska, skating, sketchy car, skitching, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smirnoff ice, snail, sneaking out, snow, snowboarding, soder, strip poker, sublime, sum41, summer, swimming, taco bell, tfk, the chill spot, the crow, the shop, the used, the wall, tmnt, triple sec, turtles, tv dinners, tv funhouse, twisted tea, vanilla coke, warped tour, white hen, xyz, yellowcard, zebrahead